May 9th, 2006


Meal Planning Help

Kelly and I are putting together a light springtime afternoon dinner for my mom for mothers day. Basically it's just going to be an appetizer or two ( bruschetta, not sure of the other one yet) and then a nice spring salad with various things to put in it, hard boiled eggs, fresh cooked chicken, and not sure what else yet. We were going to also get some cheeses and such for the meal/salad. But I'm trying to think of what would be some good cheeses to get, other then the usual cheddar (which we will be getting). I'm planning to pick most the stuff up at Trader Joe's but I'll have time to get to one or two other places. I guess I could do the bruschetta with and without mozzarella, or maybe another type of cheese.

Maybe I could make this Frittata as well,1977,FOOD_9936_24459,00.html

Anyone want to chip in on ideas?