March 28th, 2006



What these children fail to realize is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who legally immigrate to the United States every year. They put in the work, time, money, and effort and legally come here. Kelly's dad came here legally from Ireland. Her mother and father met in Ireland and got married there. While she was pregnant she came back to the states and he had to stay in Ireland as he waited to be accepted into the US. My great grand mother moved her from Scotland legally. Millions have immigrated her legally and regardless of the location of the border it to does not anyone any right to come her illegally. There is one type of person you see protesting and they are hispanic. Why aren't Asians, Middle Easterners, and Europeans? Because it is more likely they have came her legally. These children that I've seen on some corners waving their flags and yelling for attention. Waving Mexican flags? Aren't you proud to be in the USA? you are barking up the wrong tree when you wave a flag of the country you have LEFT because the opportunity in the USA is better. If you are expecting to get any support show how much you LOVE the USA, not how much you love Mexico, morons...

Dinner Last Night

So Kelly and I have been house sitting since Thursday. That's given us time to cook and figure out meals like we will once we are living together. Last night we picked up stuff to make tacos. But not just any tacos. See there is this restaurant Mariscos Los Cabos that we both love to eat at. They make these potato tacos that Kelly enjoys. So we bought potatoes, chicken taco seasoning, shells, and then for mine I got just some precooked southwestern chicken from foster farms (because we are working with a limited kitchen since it's it's not ours). Along with all that we also got the normal taco stuff like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. So we boiled up the potatoes to break them down and then I browned up some olive oil and threw in a clove of garlic. After it was hot I threw in the potato "mash" and then mixed in the chicken taco seasoning, pan frying it up just a little bit, but not enough to get brown like are hash browns, just getting them cooked up a bit more. Kelly loved them, thought they were just as good as the ones from Los Cabos, except we need to either get the jumbo shells, or I think we should just get soft shells (IMO). Along with that we got Bush's black beans and made some boil and make spanish rice (which we will replace with real rice next time I think). The beans were great, but I'm always a fan of Bush's beans. I had two of my chicken tacos and then one of the potato and they were all great, especially since we had an avocado we needed to eat or it was going to go bad... ;)