February 7th, 2006


Rainforest Cafe

I've officially wrote this place off as a rip off. This restaurant is purely in the business to rip people off and make money. They are overpriced and not really anything amazing. Kelly and I went to South Coast Plaza yesterday because she had a gift certificate she wanted to use. After we finished our shopping she wanted to take me to Rainforest Cafe because I had never been there before. After looking through the menu I was pretty surprised to see the prices. I understand a company has to make money, and I understand that a "theme" or "gimmick" place is usually more expensive, but when a majority of the menu is priced high and they don't even seem to be that amazing of dishes then there is a problem. An order of Fish and Chips were 15 dollars! Not to mention I wash surprised at the lack of vegetarian meals. Unfortunately many restaurants menus are not very accommodating to vegetarians, they put a couple salads on the menu (which have meat on them) and they thing they are vegetarian. The only strict veggie meal they had as a veggie hamburger. The place was sort of neat inside but I don't intend to go there ever again.

OC Register Columnist is Crazy!


My email to her.

Ms. Smith.

You have made a race issue out of something by not observing all the facts.  There are many other players besides Plummer or Roethlisberger that are wearing beards or sporting long hair.  How about Troy Polamalu and his long curly locks?  Maybe you forgot about Donovan McNabb since he was injured but I seem to remember that he was wearing a beard earlier in the season.  Then we also have Randy Moss and his afro.  And last but not least Ray Buchanan and his braids.  Comparing showboating to a players hair is pretty out there.  Showboating like that of players that do choreographed dances are usually looked upon as taunts towards the other team.  It's unprofessional and has no place on the field, court, or rink.

As for the basketball issue, many players were unaffected by the change.  I'm not sure about you, but at my job I'm required to dress in a fashion that is approved by my employer.  Basketball players are required to dress business casual to and from games, the team provides the travel for the players, these players are on the clock during this time.  The NBA is not telling these players how to dress outside of their work, thus it seems pretty fair to me.  But then you once again mention players with longer hair that are white.  Lets forget those NBA stars that has wore afro's, braids, or even dreads.

Race is not the issue professionalism is, on the sports field just like it is in the office!

Wedding Music!

Ok here is a time I need anyone and everyone's help.

Kelly and I primarily want 80's music for our wedding, especially 80's alternative love song type stuff. We had a list of stuff, but we are also trying to compile more and add to it. So anyone has anything they can suggest or remind me to check let us know.