January 17th, 2006



Oh it's sooooo good to have 24 back! Jack Bauer kicks so much ass. In fact...

Chuck Norris watcehd 24 once and was so overcome by the sheer
awesomeness that is Jack Bauer he ran to the theaters and watched
Brokeback Mountain. Twice.

I'm happy to have my action fix back on TV. Now if only MI-5 would start back up!

Wedding Stuff 2

So this weekend we got a bunch more stuff done! Yesterday we got the tuxedos set up and I place my payment down for part of them. We got our cake all set up (we are using Frech's Bakery)and a down payment on it as well. We also were able to purchase drinking and champange cups from Party City. We changed our color from Periwinkle to just plain ole poweder/baby/light blue, since it's difficult to find any place setting stuff in periwinkle. Things are going good. We still need to get a quote on the tables, chairs, and linens though and today we should be getting the catering quote.