September 12th, 2005


Where should Daniel and Kelly move to?

So eventually after we get married and Kelly finishes school we are going to bail the Southern California area for greener pastures. Heck it might even be before she finishes school (but it would be less expensive for her to finish here instead of a state that we aren't considered residents in. So with that we have been looking at different places. When I went to Texas in the summer, I looked at a lot of houses while spending time with my best friend freshtastic73Doug and his wife. We also thought about moving up to Washington (state) where some of Kelly's family is, but that's pretty much be dropped since there are complications with those members of the family now. So now we are looking at just anywhere. Key points, the job market has to be good for me. So places where Time Warner Cable or any Time Warner company are is a plus, or places where there is a good tech market. Although I don't really have to do tech stuff. I'm sort of the type of person that can do anything if someone just gives me the chance to do it. I'm a quick learner and pick things up. But let's face it, they don't just let anyone do whatever they want.

We want to live somewhere that it's feasible for us to buy a house and work comfortably. She can find work easy because she's a dog groomer, there are usually always places looking for experienced groomers. I on the other hand can find a job but it will take a bit more work. We'd like a place that isn't HOT, we both like cooler weather, which is why Washington was high on our list. We really like to adventure, go on long drives and explore. Places that are close to beach, mountains, offroading, camping, national parks, are high on our list.

So we ask you the adoring public!

Poll #569542 Moving...

Where should Kelly and Daniel move to?

Stay in Southern California (Come on it's great where you already are!)
Northern California (The best of everything, stay a State resident but get away from the craziness of SoCal)
Northwest (Oregon or Washington, who cares about her family up there!)
Southwest (Prescott, AZ, where my aunt lives)
South (Dallas, TX area, where my best friend Doug lives, and Time Warner Cable is, great housing prices but really hot during the summer.)
Northeast (New York, where it's cold, Time Warner Cable is there, and so are maybe other things that might work out)
East (Herndon,VA, try and get a job at the Road Runner Corporate office, it was humid but nice when I visited for my training last year)
Rocky Mountains (Screw it go right in the middle of the country to Colorado and try to get a job at Time Warner Cable National, even though they aren't like the national corporation office, they just handle the small cable areas throughout the country)
Go somewhere else! (Write in your answer below)

Somewhere else?

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