June 6th, 2005


Gold Mr. Toad car


The have 1 gold vehicle on a number of rides commemerating the 50th anniversay. My goal is to take a picture of each of them. Some are on rides, some are just for show, and some there are booth (like the tea cups).

Hidden Ears


There are hidden Mickey ears all over the park, so I'm trying to find as many as I can and take pictures, because when you have an annual pass you need things to do. ;)

Ha I got to go on the gold 50th anniversary car


The picture of it after this was taken first, since it was luck I was able to get on it. Kelly's cousin actually was the lucky one that the gold car was lined up for and she let us have it since she knew I wanted to ride it and get a picture if I could! So Kelly and I planned that if I got it I would throw her my phone and she would take a quick picture.

So Yeah...

Took a bunch of pictures with my camera phone while we were at Disneyland today. Sorry if I flooded your friends journal, but that's not my fault now is it? I had fun. I like having a quick way to post something on my journal really fast, it makes it fun and something to do. I'm exhausted we were at Disneyland from 10 AM till 9 PM, which makes for a VERY long day.

Expect more tomorrow when I'm not sore, sleepy, wornout, exhausted, and sweaty.
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