May 24th, 2005


Weekends are too short, quit your job.

Friday - We went to dinner at Dominic's since it's like the best food in the world. I was SOOOOOO full. But it was good. I got Eggplant Parmagiania. Kelly got the baked jumbo shells, and along with that we also got the most wonderful bread in the world and Caesar salads that were really good.

Saturday - I did a bunch of errands. I went to Costco and got a membership and then bought some nice Nautica jeans they had for only 20 bucks. Then I headed to Borders and bought a book with stuff to do around Southern California. After that I headed to Barnes and Noble and I bought the Benchmark Atlas for California (it's really nice), and I picked up a 4x4 in Southern California book that has routes all mapped out and has easy, moderate and difficult (we will still to the easy ones since I have a 4x2 Prerunner not a 4x4).

Sunday - Kelly and I were going to go offroading up in the San Gabriel mountains Rincon-Shortcut BUT the Ranger station said that the OHV area (that you pick the pass up at) was closed for the season and wasn't opening till June 1st, so we ended up just driving up highway 39, which is closed about 10 miles short compared to how it used to be. We also drove down East Fork but the road for Mount Baldy (that takes you back to Glendora) was closed. So I said screw it and we headed towards Angeles Crest Highway (the 2) which is where we would have ended up when we took the Rincon-Shortcut. Before that though we wandered through Azusa, Santa Anita, Temple City, ETC, and also stopped to eat some Togo's. We drove up the 2 till we go to the road the splits off to take you to the top of Mount Wilson (basically the highest post in LA) which is where a majority of TV/Radio antennas are located for the area. Neither of us had been up there before and it was a cool little drive. We took some pictures (which I will update with later) and we just missed the hike/tour for the Mount Wilson Observatory and since we were planning on actually hiking we didn't do the hike ourselves, but have added it to our list of things we need to go do. after that we headed home, but the day had just begun! We lounged around for the next couple hours and I cleaned up because Kelly was taking me out to dinner. She took us to Salt Creek Grille which is a somewhat fancy schmancy Steakhouse in Dana Point, that her bosses friend is the manager for. We got exceptional service and a free appetizer and dessert! We had the Artichoke & Parmesan Spinach Dip which was different the types I'd had previously, it wasn't as creamy as most places, probably because they use more Spinach then other varieties, so it was more liquidy and thin, but still thick enough for chips. Kelly ordered the Grilled Chicken Cobb salad with out the Chicken or Bacon that it came with, I tried a bite and it was pretty good. I ordered the "The Grille Chop" which was a double thick pork chop topped with Hot Apple Chutney, along with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and fresh asparagus. It was excellent. I'd never had a pork chop topped with basically homemade apple sauce, it was really good. To go along with that Kelly had the house Cabernet which I think was a 2003 or 2004 Woodbridge, I got a Pyramid Hefeweizen which I have officially named the best damn beer in the world after having it at Orange County Mining Company and at Salt Creek Grille. We finished off the meal with a Chocolate Souffle which takes 25 minutes to make and was delicious. After that we took the drive back home up the coast, stopping at Laguna or a little bit to watch the waves. Then when we got home we watched Desperate Housewives and then headed to sleep.

Monday - We went and saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. It was good, lots of action and worth going to see on the big screen (especially in digital format). We used my entertainment guide card to get buy one get one free meals at El Cholo in Irvine where I had the green corn tamales (their specialty) which were good, tasted a lot like the corn cake you get at El Torito with your dinner. Kelly had the cheese enchilada combo plate, which I tasted and was good as well. We then went to Disney California Adventure, where we went on Soaring and Grizzly Rapids (which we both got soaked on). We called it a day and went home, where we ended up crashing for a couple hours. I made a quick nacho dinner for us drove Kelly home and watched 24.

And that's what you call a weekend.
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