April 13th, 2005


What did we do this weekend?

Friday - Stayed in because Kelly's brothers truck broke down and we needed to wait around to go pick him up. So we just had some Subway (which once again has failed to impress me) and watched TV.

Saturday - Got the 34 DVD collectors set of Alfred Hitchcock (a version only made in China, and for only $82!) for Kelly. Cleaned my place up and watched North By Northwest. When Kelly got over I gave her the set. When then headed to Long Beach to watch Cheap Trick at Vault 350. The show was really good, although it was a little louder then it should have been. Unbusted was the opening act and I was very impressed by them. Before the show we went and ate a restaurant/bar called Taco Beach just down the block from Vault 350 on Pine, I had fish tacos and they were quite delicious. We then went home and we went to sleep.

Sunday - We woke up and went to Subway picked up lunch and then over to her place for her to shower and clean up. After that we drove up to Santiago Canyon and we treked throughout the Saddleback Mountain area, Silverado Canyon (which was closed at the end and we couldn't go off roading there), Modjeska Canyon (which was crowded and we couldn't check out the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary because they had some fieldtrip there. So we then headed further down Santiago Canyon and made a left at Cook's Corner(that's about how it looked when we passed it) down Live Oak Canyon Rd. After a little more road we turned off onto a dirt road that leads to Holy Jim Trail, but we didn't do it to do hiking we did it for the 4 miles of offroading because I wanted to get my truck dirty. There is also a remote control plane airfield down the dirt road. After that we were going to head to Disneyland but were getting a little tired so we ended up just picking up some Starbucks and going back to my place. The rest of the night we watched "Strangers on a Train", went to Dominic's for dinner and then just watched some other stuff on TV and hung out.

Monday - I worked. After work I picked up Kelly and we went to Disney California Adventure for a little bit (since it closed at 6) and then to Disneyland. After that we headed back to my place after picking up Del Taco and we watched Desperate Housewives.
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