March 22nd, 2005


Weekend Recaps? What are those?

Friday - Dinner with 'rents at Spoons and walking around Main Place
Saturday - Game night with the guys playing Mutants and Masterminds
Sunday - Rich, Kelly, and I went to Wizard World. Got a bunch of neat things that I will post once I can. Mike S. Miller drew me a Superfriends Cartoon era Hal Jordan Green Lantern (cause he kicks the most ass). And then Todd Nauck (Teen Titans: Go) drew me a female version of the Flash but with a bullet on her chest (a character for Mutants and Masterminds. Then Kelly and I went with Jenn, Sean, and Rich to see Ring 2, 3 words, save your money (which I did since Kelly paid) .
Monday - Golf Marathon for the Boys and Girls Club of Stanton, Kelly stopped by to say hi and cheer me on, while watching me suck at golf. Got her some red roses on the way home (just because). And then we went to Chili's had some margaritas. Then we went to the Westminster Mall and I bought some shirts since they had stuff discounted right now, and some boxers on clearance. Then the Gap, and Anchor Blue, where we bought nothing. Last we went to Pac Sun where Kelly bought a couple shirts, one that I picked out and a worn out looking Led Zeppelin shirt (because she wants to look cool...). And then we went out to dinner.

Then we just kind of hung out and did whatever the rest of the night.

Last week we went to Big Bear on Sunday and had a really nice time. Once I have my computer at home back working and Kelly gets the pictures she took I will scan this kick ass picture we took on the way down back home of the mountains and the clouds under us, it looked so beautiful.

Oh yeah and that night I told her I loved her. ;) Which yes is a big deal. I can't believe it's only be 2 months, it seems so much longer.
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