March 1st, 2005


Story Time

See this new icon, the poker chip? It's the reason I know my girlfriend. See back in early January I took a trip to Vegas, and at that time I was talking to a girl who I spent 5 months talking on the phone waiting for her to make up her mind if she wanted to ever meet me. I'm sure some of you remember some of my stories regarding her. Well before I went on my trip to Vegas she told me to make a crazy bet, so I did just that. I put 100 on black on roulette and I won. It was to be our money to spend when we finally went out and met. I kept a $1 chip from the winnings to give to her when we met, but when I told her about that she said "I'd rather have the real dollar". I was miffed at her reaction and she logged off, never to hear from her again (even when I called her a couple times). But while I was in Vegas I also received a text message on Yahoo, because I still had my personal ad on Yahoo (face it if someone is too paranoid to meet you after 5 months of talking you need to start looking elsewhere) from an interesting sounding girl. Well I messaged her back but from my normal Yahoo account so she didn't know who I was and didn't respond back. I messaged her again later on my personals account and we started talking. I really didn't think anything of it at first since I was still stuck on the previously mentioned girl, but as I talked to her more and more I really started to enjoy talking to Kelly. So I guess I sort of owe it to that girl as to why I now am in a wonderful relationship with K and now this chip has found a permenant place in my wallet with me wherever I go to remind me of how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as her in my life.
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Weeekend, with an extra e because it's now an extra day!

After a long day of work for both of us she invited me over to dinner with her family. Had a nice little dinner and then we went out to downtown Fullerton where we enjoyed some coffee at Mc Clain's Coffeehouse which used to be the Fullerton Rock'n'Java. Then being that it was still sort of early we went to downtown Brea because I wanted to check and see what was on the listening booths at Tower Records I ended up buying two CDs; Glen Phillips "Live at Largo" and Drive-Thru Records and Pure "Bands You Love, Have Heard of, and Should Know", Kelly got a Cheap Trick "Best Of" cd and then we drove home.

During the day I went over to my sisters to celebrate both my niece's 5th and my nephews 2nd birthdays. Then Kelly came over and we went to Dominics which has turned into our favorite place to eat because the bread is so damn good! We then went and saw Hide and Seek at The Block, where I also bought a USC National Champions t-shirt and a black worn out looking hat. Then went home and hung out.

We went to Santa Monica and walked around, then checked out stores at Third Street Promenade I bought some jeans at Old Navy, because you can never have enough jeans. We then proceeded over to Venice Beach, which I had never been to before and watched the freaks, er people. Then we got home just in time for the Academy Awards. After that we watched Jack and Bobby (muhahah she will soon like my shows!). Then after a long night I drove her home.

Errand day! Woke up bright and early to help Kelly with taking her truck to the dealership to figure out what was wrong with the panic alarm. After we dropped that off we stopped by my moms work and said hi and then went to my place and vegged. She had an appointment at 12 so I killed time in my truck reading my Maximum PC and then we brought home food from Togos. We then watched Smallville (gah it was stupid, but I still like the show). I feel asleep while we watched "Without a Paddle" and we also watched Alias. We then went and got her truck dropped it off at her parents and headed to Manhattan Beach to see misskrisMissKriss and cixelcixel who were leaving for Florida the next day. Had a really nice night, and it was nice seeing them.

That's it, now I just got off the phone with Kelly and finished my laundry, I'm going to get to sleep soon. Only 3 more days of work! (that's one of the nice things about 4x10 shifts).
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