January 28th, 2005



What's everyone's take on Dick Cheney's outfit at the Aushchwitz ceremony?

Lots of talk about that today and the fact he seemed to be dressed down compared to everyone else s black outfits and dressed up look.
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Family Sickness...

I think it's unfair that people at my work can call in for a family sickness (like wife or kid is sick) and it doesn't count towards their review. They still count the sick day but it won't affect attendance.

I mean I should just lie and say I got married or have a kid. There is nothing in the company policy that says I have to declare I'm married or a father so that means there is no way for the company to determine whether I am or not.

Calling out is calling out, regardless of my marital or parental status.

I'm fine with FMLA and people getting time off for that, but this is not FMLA, this is just one day cold/flu type stuff.
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I went on a Ferris Wheel for the first time in my life.


Had a great time tonight. We went to dinner at BJs over in Newport, walked around Balboa/Fun Zone and talked (it was dead), we ended up going to Irvine Spectrum and walked around looking at all the stores and just talking. Then she wanted to go on the ferris wheel, cool to do that with the first time with her, something new that I got to share with her. After that it was still only like 10 so we went to Deidrichs and had some coffee and talked. Much fun was had. She's so easy to talk to and really just down to earth nice.

Sunday is The Format at the Knitting Factory (yay), she heard them in my car and said she thought they sounded good, very cool. And we talked about going to see MAE at HoB Anaheim in a couple weeks ( :D ).

That's it. Saturday I have NOTHING to do! I guess I shall hang with the 'rents.
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