January 27th, 2005


Askmen.com Top 10

10 Halle Berry NO NO NO. Sorry can't agree.
9 Angelina Jolie She's hot, has great lips and is amazing humanitarian that I respect. But at the same time I'm not gaga over her like it seems most guys are. I don't know she's like a guilty pleasure to me.
8 Beyonce KnowlesNo sorry. Tyra Banks is hotter, Leeann Tweeden is way hotter.
7 Elsa Benitez Who? Too modelish.
6 Brooke Burke See she's another girl who's "pretty" but she just doesn't do it for me. Great body, but I'm not into her like lots of guys are.
5 Heidi Klum She looks terrible as a bleach blonde. But she's really pretty with her normal dark blonde/light brown hair. I've seen her on Letterman and she is really nice which makes her even more attractive to me. Plus she's a model with an actual body, not a waif.
4 Josie Maran Eh...
3 Charlize Theron Her and Ashley Judd look a lot alike. But I'd rather go for Scarlett Johanson, who I think looks sort like them too, but I think is way cuter.
2 Monica Bellucci Great um *coughs* body. Beautiful dark hair. Was 1/2 the reason why Matrix 2 and 3 didn't suck.
1 Adriana Lima... Who the hell is this? She's pretty has that mix of different nationalites but she just makes me go "eh" when I compare her to others I find attractive.
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Superman's Mistake...

I'm disappointed that they decided to drop JJ Abrams from the latest Superman movie, I would have loved to see his take on it. But that's old news. It still sucks. He's impressed me with Lost. I started watching it when I saw the repeat of episode 7 where Jack gets stuck by a cave in. I then started watching the new episodes when they started. Thankfully because of my membership on www.somethingawful.com I still have access to the former torrents section that is now on another site and I was able to download episodes 1-13 from torrents. Now I'm all caught up and I'm hooked! One of the reasons why I thought Eve Lilly is so hot and cute :). This weeks TV Guide they talked about the show, each episode, and the 14 characters, according to JJ Abrams one of them is going to die. That's going to suck but I think I know who it won't be.

Jack, he's too important to the group for him to be killed off as the resident doctor.
Kate, to tough, and she's the hot factor for the show.
Sawyer, he will prove to be important as the show goes on, even though he will continue to butt heads with Jack.
Locke, his character is deep and he's the tough guy.
Charlie, there was talk he was the one that was going to die, but I think he's developed really well and his character is getting to be a much stronger person.
Sayid, he's got lots of background that could prove to be good filler for the show, considering he server in the Iraqi Republican Guard.

I think the one that dies will be one of these, Jin, Sun, Shannon, Michael, or Boone.

I could see them doing something with Michael and then having Jin and Sun sort of adopt Walt along with Locke, but that would be sad for the kid since he just met his father. Boone is expendable, and his involvement with Locke could lead to his death, especially once they open that hatch. Jin and Sun I think either could die and it might help with plot, if Jin dies then Sun would be free of his controlling attitude, if Sun dies Jin could develop more because of his loss.

Of course I'm probably wrong and it will be Hurley or something, although there hasn't been a "Hurley" episode yet, I guess that one's coming up.

On a side note, with Lost, Alias, and Felicity JJ has entertained me for like 6 years. His shows have continued to be some of my favorites to watch. When is he going to get a REAL SHOT on the Big Screen?
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