January 25th, 2005



Last nights 24 was great. From the opening 10 minutes where Jack went into the terroist compound up till finding out the contractor lady working at CTU is on the bad guys side the show was great. Lots of action and great story building. And watching Jack Bauer kick more ass is always a good thing.
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2005 AskMen.Com Top 99 Most Desireable Women...

Remember back when I tried to go through this list 10 at a time day after day? Instead I'm just going to do one big swoop and pick my favorites (hah scratch that, how about running commentary on like half of them? :) ). Ok here is the bottom half 100-51. I wasn't planning on doing this many, oh well... It's my journal right? I'm a single guy I can talk about girls!

97 Liv Tyler - Still cute as a button. Love her dark hair and blue eyes, has a beautiful smile. Plus she seems pretty nice and down to earth (too bad she got married... j/k).
93 Paris Hilton too thin... too blonde... To ditzy... Interesting video though.
92 Jennie Finch from around here, cute, and plays softball.
89 Fergie Blah... I'm a Carmen Electra wanna be... I wear too much makeup and I have a body...
87 Nikki Cox She's always been attractive. Not sure how she ended up with Bobcat, but I guess she likes funny guys. Always loved her red hair and well her body... But anyway it's Nikki Cox!!!!
84 Scarlett Johanson Yay! Major cutie. She's blonde but I still like her, totally cute face, very pretty. Great eyes, great smile, nice lips. Can you tell I like her?
83 Cameron Diaz She's cute but she's never really done it for me.
82 Christina Aguilera I have this love hate thing with Christina, she used to be so cute, and actually she still is at times, but she TRIES TOO HARD...
81 Pamela Anderson Yeah, it's Pam Anderson. She was better looking before all the work. She's still... "pretty".
79 Jolene Blalock I don't think she's hot because she's a chick on a Star Trek show, in fact Star Trek doesn't really do anything for me. But she is a very sexy and attractive woman even with those pointy ears...
78 Jessica Alba It's the invisible woman! Yum yum. She's pretty, always like her since I first saw her in Idle Hands. Great mixture of mexican, american, french, and danish.
76 Paz Vega exceptional beauty and did a very good job in Spanglish, even with barely speaking any English.
74 Britney Spears She isn't bad for white trash. That's right I went there. No really she's very pretty, but there is just too much Britney for me to be amazed by her...
73 Katie Price She's got a great body maybe a little too much, but I just am not that attracted to her look.
72 Eva Longoria Pure and utter cuteness. She makes me go wow every time I see her. And she's like short, 5'2".
67 Aishwarya Rai Very beautiful internation beauty that isn't well known in the states since she's a big Bollywood actress.
64 Heather Graham She's too thin, but she's cute. I still think she's ditzy though and that puts a damper on it, but maybe it's just the characters she plays. Plus I like her hair better straight.
63 Eliza Dushku She seems so much like a bad girl because of who she played on Buffy, but that's part of what makes her cute. She will kick you down smile and this knock you out with a kick to the face (she is italian and all)...
61 Jennifer Lopez bleh. She was cute in Jersey Girl, all 10 minutes.
60 Sofia Vergara I thought she was hot when I first saw her like 2 years ago in Maxim or Stuff or whatever, but she's just ok when you put her up against all these other women.
59 Naomi Watts She's a true classic beauty (in the movie star sense).
58 Penelope Cruz Her and Paz Vega look a lot alike. I think Cruz is sort of waifish though.
57 Ashley Judd I'm running out of things to say. But yeah I like Ashley Judd. I think it's her current hair that makes her even more attractive to me now.
55 Brook Burns As long as she realizes the blonde hair is such a no no on her she's beautiful.
54 Faith Hill Tim McGraw is a lucky man. She's beautiful in that take home to mom way, but can be gorgeous when she does herself all up.
53 Maria Menounos She first made a splash in my mind after wearing that 2.5 million dollar diamond dress to the 2004 Oscars. Plus she seems really nice when shes talking on ET.
52 Anna Kournikova freshtastic73"Fresh" thinks she's the hottest thing since sliced bread. She's pretty and she's athletic, has an amazing body. But she sucks at tennis :).
51 Rachel Weisz She's just plain cute, ever since the first Mummy. And then she was in the movie "The Shape of Things" talk about total bitch, it's good movie though.
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Google Video Search!

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Tonights Scrubs

Oh man this episode with Colin Farrell was the best one of the season so far! Love it. So much funny stuff. I broke out laughing when Farrell's character was just about to kiss Turk's wife. Then to find out he wasn't even the brother of the guy who's room he was in, he was the guy that punched him out. Best episode of the season...
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