December 23rd, 2004


Riddle Me This...

If car manufactures can provide car stereos in cars (something that is not needed and can be replaced with a different version if the purchaser chooses).

Why can't Microsoft provide Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, insert other software, with Windows? They are easily replaced with other companies software and they add value to their existing product. I don't see MS making the people get crippled versions and then wanting additional money.

It hasn't stopped me from purchashing Musicmatch, Winamp, Opera, or anything else. If I like the alternative I'll use it. It almost seems to me the people that are greedy are the companies that are complaining, if they made superior products people will purchase them or use them. Over 21% use Mozilla, another @10% use different alternative browsers. Microsoft does not make Windows incompatible with other software and if they did then I could see there being a valid point.

No end in sight for Microsoft EU Case
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