June 8th, 2004



So I'm going on vacation Starting on Saturday.

Here is my current itinerary.

Sat 12 - Sacramento
Not sure where I am staying yet.

Sunday 13, Monday 14 Bend Oregon
Hang out with my friend Brian and also have a business meeting for our web hosting services on Monday with his boss.

Tues - 15 and Wed 16 - San Francisco
Staying at Travelodge right near Fisherman's Wharf, I've never been to SF so I'm going to do some site seeing and also catch a Giants/Blue Jays game one of those nights. Then I will be trying to make it to Alcatraz or something else and check out downtown and stuff. I'm not really sure what to do yet, so suggestions would be great.

Thurs 17 - Drive home down the coast and maybe stay somewhere or get home, not really sure I'm playing it by ear that day so I can sorta relax.

So that's what I'm doing next week!
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Trip Update

On Saturday after my longest day of driving (12+hours) depending on my arrival time in Sacramento I'm going to head towards the coast and up right into Oregon and stay at Brookings, OR which really looks nice. Hopefully I can make it. That will put me closer to Bend but makes my first day a little longer. But I will get to see some nice views Sunday morning before I head to Bend.

When I'm in SF I will be staying at the Marina Inn which was reasonably priced at $80 a night while it was rated as 3 stars. Puts me right on Lombard St and in the Fishermans Wharf district.