August 19th, 2003



Played an hour and fourty mins today. 2 games of singles and then three cut-throat. My games really improving. I'm getting back to the level I used to be but I think I'm even getting better then that. The better shape I get into the better my game will get as well. Even though I'm a big guy I have great reactions and decent ability to get to the ball quickly. So if I get in better shape I will be flying all over the court.

Mechanic didn't call me by 9 so I went to the gym. Figure they will call once they figure out what is going on.

That's it nothing else to report.
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Well scratch guitar...

Guitar class is supposed to be on Mondays! So I missed my first class and I'm not really the type that enjoys thinking the teacher will think I'm a flake because I missed the first day of class. So I'm just going to drop the class...

Yes I know the first day is usually nothing important but at the same time I won't have anything I need to be prepared for the next class, which means I could acutally be 2 classes behind...

I might change my mind, but I don't think I will.