August 12th, 2003


I'm losing weight

So I weighed myself last week and realized that I have lost 20 pounds in the last 6 months. Now I'm a big guy but I have never looked my weight fortunately at times I've been around 290 :( but normally my weight is around 282-285, I'm down to 270 without trying to really lose anything. But I'm not going ot the gym 3-4 times a week and playing tons of raquetball there. I'm waking up at 8:50 and get there at about 9 then I play about 2 hours of raquetball. I played 3 times last week and it looks like I will play 3 times this week to. Now that I'm actively trying to lose weight I'm expecting it to really kick in. I already weigh less then I have the last 4 years with me at 270. I'd like to get to 240 which for my build (I have very muscular legs from years of biking) would be great, anything more then that would be a very big accomplishment. I haven't been under 260 for probably 6 years?

To bad if I lose a lot of weight I will have to buy new clothes! I guess that's one of the tradeoffs ;)
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