August 11th, 2003



So I met up with her today. We met at a park, spent about an hour together and just talked. I explained about how I had been feeling since last Monday and told her that I don't want to give up on what we have going. I'm not one to just quit on things and on people I care for.

It was nice seeing her and spending time with her. It was nice seeing her smile, I missed it.

I gave her a copy of one of the songs I wrote. Hope she enjoyed it. I'm not sure what's the status of our relationship right now but atleast I was able to say what I wanted to her and we were able to just sit down and have a serious converstation.
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She needs time...

I have to expect it since a lot was said that hurt last week...

But on a positive note she thought my song was beautiful.

I guess you have to take the bad with the good. I so wanted to kiss her when we were about to leave and she asked me what was on my mind. It's probably better I didn't especailly since she needs to think about things.
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