August 5th, 2002



Well my weekend went pretty good. Date was good. Nothing spectacular but it was the first time we met. Saturday was supposed to play ball but the gym was being used, so my cousin Tim and I went and got Grand Theft Auto 3 and played that. Sunday there was a car show here locally. I checked that out and then had a family thing at the beach. Was at the beach till about 8:30. Had a lot of fun. I came home and played some more GTA3.

And now here I am at work...

Going to go see signs on Tuesday night with this girl I met a couple weeks ago. Should be fun.
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Knocked out two uppercuts.

Well I didn't get the offer for the lead position. Oh well I will live. It would have been nice to get the offer though. By what I have heard rumor wise I didn't get one of the IT positions either...

Oh well I guess I will live. Now I can tell my co-workers to go talk to their sup instead of me whenever they have any questions.



CH you will always be remembered.

Just keep the fridge light on for us till we get there.
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