March 6th, 2002



Stock Options! Woohoo

just got a note today 50 stock options struck at $26.65. That makes up for the fall on my last thing of options!
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It's my lucky number, but also it's my accomplishment for the night. I ran a 13 minute mile. It might not sound that great, but I haven't ran a mile since I was 16. I have biked many miles and I have even rollerbladed some but I haven't ran a mile in 10 years. That was my goal tonight and I did it. Next goal is a 10 minute mile. I'm figuring it will be about 2 weeks till I can accomplish that. After that I'm looking at 2 miles in 20 mins. Of course I have to take baby steps. Heck I have only had my membership for 6 days. But I have gone to the club 4 times. I haven't really lost any weight but I can see a little difference in clothes and also in my face. I'm actually kinda thinking about not weighing myself since I know that isn't the important part, but it helps to realize the gains I'm making. I am feeling very accomplished tonight.

Now it's time to take a shower.
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