January 2nd, 2002



35 auctions posted up on E-bay. I'm proud of myself. I bought a new scanner today a Canon N1220U works really well. So I decided to start selling off stupid cards I bought last year on E-bay. The bad part is I will end up losing money. The stuff I'm selling hasn't moved much since I bought it last year, in fact the higher ticket stuff I'm selling has gone down in price... Oh well... I want the money. I need it :)

Even though I know none of you care that much... here is my listings... Dangarion's Selling!
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Back to work...

After being off from work since December 21st, 2001 I am back at work finally. The really cool part was I only took 40 hours of vacation and I still was off for almost 2 weeks!

It sucks to be back at work but I'm getting paid more now that it's the new year.
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