October 19th, 2001



Is it normal for Make not to be installed on default on Linux?!?!

Oh my, I just wasted over an hour trying to figure out how to install something and it was all because stupid Make wasn't installed! Dammit!
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Ben Folds...

How many times can I say that Ben Folds rules! Oh man I really need to see him live. He was great on Kilborn tonight... No Glen but it doesn't matter. Ben Folds kicks ass and rocks!
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    Rockin the Suburbs - Ben Folds on Kilborn

Yes Yes Yes!

Going to see American Hi-Fi tonight at the Galaxy!!!! Woohoo...

But that isn't all... No!

Phantom Planet, a band I never heard of before today is also playing! Their drummer is none other then Jason Schwartzman from Rushomre!!!!

I have been listening to their stuff since I got home, it's really good. Kinda Weezer, kinda Ben Folds, sounds like they might be one of my new favorite bands :)~
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    Phantom Planet