September 6th, 2001



I have bowling tonight. Hoping I can build on my series from last week. I bowled the best 3 game series ever in my life I had a 173, 175, and 177. The sad part is I was mad at myself because all the games should have been a little better then that.

Wish me luck tonight, my team is doing pretty well, even though it's only the second week.
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Pimpin' My Boy Ed!

As most of you already know I love the TV show Ed, it's "The Best Damn TV Show" on TV. Well I decided to check out some sites that are tributes to the TV Show and this one really is nice.

Virtual Stuckeyville

Don't Miss Ed's upcoming second season, if you like "Real" feeling TV shows that just feel right, then you will like Ed. If you were at all a fan of Northern Exposure you will like Ed. If you like quality television that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside then you will like Ed.

I'm an now officially Ed's Pimp!
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    Next Year - Foo Fighters (Ed Theme Song)