June 29th, 2001


My Car

Well I was bored after borrowing fresh25's digital camera so I decided to take a couple pictures of my car. I just put the rack on it yesterday and I washed it today. My car is 4 1/2 years old.

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Warped Tour!

Ok I went to the Warped Tour at the LA Coliseum today. Well actually it was in the LA Coliseum parking lot! It had a blast. Saw lots of good bands, a couple great bands and tons of CHICKS! :)

The topper of it all was getting to see The Juliana Theory as well as New Found Glory... Although I left after watching NFG do 3 songs because I was tired getting pushed around and couldn't handle the crowd after a full hour in the endless sea of people and then I went over to get a nice front and center seat to watch The Juliana Theory. I cannot talk enough about these guys they are great! Sure they seem a little stuck on themselves when performing but I think it's just cause they really enjoy what they are doing. I met a couple of the guys after they played and just thanked them and told them it was a great show and it looks like they honestly appreciated it. Especially since I bet they get tired of all the kids asking them for their autographs. But without further waiting here are pictures of New Found Glory (not very good) and The Juliana Theory (some really good shots). Oh yeah and I got a I (heart) TJT pin.... =)

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