June 28th, 2001



I bought a kick ass Yakima bike rack that is now on the roof of my Saturn. It's really nice. Now I have no excuse as to why I don't ride my bike enough! I put it on this afternoon and then after I finished I went over to the Santa Ana River trail and rode for a little over an hour. I only got in about 10 miles but I felt good for doing it. I didn't actually get their till 7pm so I got back to my car right after sunset.

I'm on vacation this week. I haven't done much except try to relax. I had a date last Friday it went good. I am looking forward to going out with her again. I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. And no I don't have to make an appointment for a barber shop like my buddy fresh25. I'm going to the Warped Tour on Friday. I'm contemplating throwing some Touch of Sun in my hair to lighten the ends up a little this summer... I probably won't though. If I do I gotta do it tomorrow.

Well that is it...
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Went riding again today...

I went down to Seal Beach and rode to Bolsa Chica. It was only 12 miles total there and back but I did do it in 1 1/2 hours. I don't want to ride in case something was to happen. But it was a good ride. To bad I didn't make it all the way to Huntington because then I could have looked around at the eye candy... Well next time.
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In Memory

Just wanted to say thank you to Jack Lemmon for all the laughs he provided through the years...

You will be missed...
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