June 19th, 2001


New Rollerblades...

I bought some new Rollerblades from Sportmart this weekend. They are nice. So much lighter then my old ones. I am going to try and start stopping at the park on my way home from work and do some blading. Try to get my balance and blading skills up to par...

Bad news...

We just found out that my aunt Cheri Lou, who is my dad's sister has breast cancer...

That really sucks, shes really a great person. I know it happens to a lot of people, but it still sucks. But I know she will be able to get through it.
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1: antidangarion (anti-dangarion) opposite or opposing dangarion
2: dangarionize (dangarion-ize) to cause to be or to become dangarion
3: dangarionative (dangarion-ative) associated with dangarion
4: monodangarionism (mono-dangarion-ism) action, process or practice of one or a single dangarion
5: hydrodangarionoid (hydro-dangarion-oid) having the appearance of water or liquid dangarion
6: dangarionible (dangarion-ible) capable or worthy of dangarion
7: cryptodangarion (crypto-dangarion) hidden or secret dangarion
8: psychodangarionization (psycho-dangarion-ization) process or result of doing or making mental activities or the mind of dangarion
9: dangarionless (dangarion-less) without dangarion
10: underdangarionship (under-dangarion-ship) quality, status or skill of beneath or below dangarion
11: dangarionial (dangarion-ial) of, relating to, or characterized by dangarion
12: ornithodangarion (ornitho-dangarion) bird dangarion
13: dangarionscope (dangarion-scope) instrument for viewing or measuring dangarion
14: dangarionmetric (dangarion-metric) relating to measurement of dangarion
15: dangarionial (dangarion-ial) of, relating to, or characterized by dangarion
16: dangarionous (dangarion-ous) possessing, full of or characterized by dangarion
17: dangarionant (dangarion-ant) being, promoting or causing dangarion
18: dangarionably (dangarion-ably) performing in a manor worth of dangarion
19: dangarionosis (dangarion-osis) abnormal condition or process of dangarion
20: unidangarion (uni-dangarion) one or a single dangarion
21: foredangarion (fore-dangarion) before or in front of dangarion
22: interdangarion (inter-dangarion) between or in the midst of dangarion
23: dangarionation (dangarion-ation) process, state or action of dangarion
24: dangarionferous (dangarion-ferous) producing or containing dangarion
25: dangarionlogy (dangarion-logy) science, theory or study of dangarion

stolen from misskris from http://www.robobunny.com/cgi-bin/dislexicon//
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