June 11th, 2001


The Ride

Well today my dad and I went up to the San Gabriel Mountains and biked on this fire road. The road is paved, but is a gradual climb. I would say it climbs about 500-1000 feet. We basically biked 6.5 miles up this road, and come to a part where it is to steep to ride. So we then hiked up an very steep road for 1 mile. My were my legs sore, but I never really got tired or exhausted, only sore. When we got to the top we checked out the dam that the fire road goes to. It took us about 1:30 hours total to get there, which isn't bad considering the climb. We then went back the first mile was basically ride your brakes or die, because of the amount of speed you gain going downhill. The 6.5 after that is a nice run, although it's downhill I still kept my legs going full speed the entire way and did it in about 20-30 mins. So we rode about 13 miles and hiked 1. I'm proud of myself it was fun. I'm going to try and do things like this more often. My back is a little sore but nothing a couple asprins won't take care of.

More Later...