May 13th, 2001


Got a new hair cut last week.

Hey everyone! Yes I am alive! Heck you might even catch me posting more then once tonight. I just wanted to put a picture up of my new hair cut. My hair is real short right now and I like it like this. What do you all think?

I'm actually going to be on my web cam today even! Like anyone would really want to see me on my web cam. I just use it for my own delusional thoughts that people care... j/k. My web cam is on my home page

So if you want to say hi to me get me on

ICQ : 7886548
Yahoo : dangarion
or AIM : dangarion

I will be around the next couple hours... unless I jump on the phone for a little while. I am going to work on doing some more categorizing of my 1300 mp3s.
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I can't wait till the first full Arthur Album comes out!

Arthur is a band comprised of the members of MxPx and one of their roadies. They sound a bit like MxPx but a slower and you can see that Mike (the lead singer) has used his influences from Elvis Costello and oldies with the music. The lyrics are great, I purchased their first album but it only has 6 songs on it. Their first full album should be out late this year... After MxPx's next album (which is supposed to be in a couple months.

Thought A lot

I I've thought a lot about you
About what you mean to me
And where I'll be
A couple of years from now
I think I got my head straight
And now I know for sure
I want to know you more
I, am so happy yet so sad
Cause I miss you oh so bad
I'm staring at your photograph
Ya the one you'd like to cut/tear in half
Of all my thoughts I've thought about you
Of all the things I said were true
Well I need you
I've tried I've failed
I've made mistakes
But I know I've got what it takes
To see this through
Be good to you
I know I've got what it takes
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    Thought a Lot - Arthur
Live Journal


The new Athenaeum album has been pushed back from June 19 to August 28th! Damn!... I can't wait for that one... Even though I supposedly have demos for the next album that I found on napster. I can't wait till the new album comes out. Like I have said in the past Ath's last album Radiance is one of the best albums I have ever heard.
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