May 6th, 2001


At Least I Tried!

Well today was pretty crazy. Doug, Paul, and I went to lunch, then played 1 1/2 hours of basketball. Then tonight the three of us and then Brian, Shaun, and Kyle all met at Geckos, which is a dance club. We sat around, checked out the scenery and played pool. Paul got the nerve to try and pick up on this girl Ashley who was really hot, but was waiting for her boyfriend, plus said she was a stripper. I on the other hand did something tonight I have never done in my life, I actually, approached a woman and asked her if she would like to dance. Never before had I ever done that, but when I saw this girl I just thought she was really pretty. She wasn't perfect but she was the type of girl I like. Anyway, she shot me down. But at least I tried. And I didn't see her dance with anyone else so I don't have to feel bad because she just declined because she didn't think I was cute. I guess she just didn't want to dance. To bad she missed out on getting to know me.

The amazing part was, I wasn't really scared when I was walking up to her. I wasn't really sure what to say, but I kept my cool, and accepted it and walked off when she said no. I did have some drinks tonight (Long Island Ice Tea, 2 Coronas, and 1 jello shooter) but that was about 2 hours before I asked her so I didn't have to have any liquid courage. Brian, Kyle, and Shaun got kicked out right before I asked her. About 15 mins later the rest of us left, and went over to Brian's and played some ping pong for like 1 1/2 hours.

Tomorrow it's over to Brian's to watch the Lakers kick the Kings ass. Although I like the Kings, the Lakers are my local boys.

I am so damn tired!
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