April 9th, 2001


An American and Baseball Hero

Today the baseball world grieves the loss of a man that has hit some of the most monstrous home runs ever seen. Someone that even fans of the opposing teams respected but also feared. Hall of Famer Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates was know for hitting some of the longest home runs ever in baseball. I personally never saw him play but I remember hearing many stories of how he was the only major leaguer to ever hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium. For 30 years he was the only player to ever to that in a game. Stargell hit 475 home runs in his career but it probably would have been more closer to about 600 if it wasn't for playing in spacious Forbes Field his first 10 years of baseball.
It's kind of ironic that Willie Stargell passed away today, being that the opening of a new park in Pittsburgh is today. His dominance of baseball started when they opened Three Rivers Stadium and now today as they open PNC Park, with a statue honoring him, Willie will not be there to help celebrate the opening of their beautiful new park.
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Any requests out there...

Tonight will be that night again... My own personal babe of the week as I said last week I do take requests. I have my own choice but if there is any input from the peanut gallery that reads my journal I may use that request instead... Depending on my own approval of course!

So let me know!
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This is a test

This is the test of the K-Nad radio network, this is only a test. Please ignore unless you really want to listen to some kick ass good music and also have a high speed connection to the Internet. If you don't have a high speed connection I wouldn't even attempt it, but you can still check out the playlist and see what has been being played lately.

Check it out if you get bored... it's still a little work in progress and it will not always be online...