April 3rd, 2001


My Parents flew to New York today...

First time they have ever been there. Something for my mom's work. I drove them to the airport. It was funny I give my mom a hug and kiss and tell them I love them and have a safe trip. My dad tries to shake my hand... I shake his hand and give him a hug. It's just funny. I'm different then my dad when it comes to showing affection. I understand why though because my grandfather didn't show it to my aunts and uncles. My dad is a little better then him though. I can't wait till I have children, I will make sure they know how much they love me just like both my parents did for my sister and myself.
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Babe of the Week!

Yes I take requests, and this is for the Fresh one himself! If anyone is offend by these, oh well it's my journal dammit! and I will do as I please! =) Now that the disclaimer is done, here we go... Drum roll please. rat at tat tat...

Renee Zellweger! Yes the girl often confused for both Joey Lauren Adams and Jewel.
Renee Kathleen Zellweger, a Swiss-Norwegian creation was born on April 25,1969 in
Houston, Texas.

Enjoy Doug!
Requests are encouraged!
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Sick Day...

Well I called in sick to work today. I just haven't been able to get better from whatever has been causing my sore throat and after three weeks of it getting better and then coming back I went to Kaiser. The doctor gave me amoxicilin, hopefully I actually have some type of infection or strep throat so I'm not wasting taking antibiotics. But actually something else came up while I was having my visit. Back in November I went it when I was sick and I had 4 vials of blood taken out for various tests and checkups, basically for a suedo-physical, well it comes out today that I should have received a call because something wasn't right with a test that had to do with my kidneys, nothing serious but I guess the levels were a little high. So the doctor had me get more blood taken today to see if there was just a lab mistake or if they might need to look a little deeper. I hope everything is ok, no one in my family has had any type of kidney problems. Other then that I had 5 total vials of blood taken today. They wanted to test to see if I had been give in vaccinations for Measles, Mumps and Hepatitis. I am pretty sure I did get the Measles and Mumps ones years ago, but I'm not sure about the Hepatitis vaccination. I might have to go back sometime in the next couple weeks depending on the outcome of these tests. I guess I will see...
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Ah Linux...

Got my Linux box working... took a little more then I really wanted but it's up. So even though I was sick I at least made it a productive day!
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If you like and use Napster check this out...

Ok I know a lot of you use Napster, but what is one of the most annoying things with Napster? When downloads don't go through and you have to re-search the song. Well don't fear, delete Napster! Get WinMX!
WinMX is everything Napster isn't. It uses Napsters servers plus OpenNap, which are non filtered Napster like servers.
Let me know what you think... I don't think you will be let down.
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