January 2nd, 2001


Happy Fucking New Year!

Yeah, I know I haven't wrote anything recently. Basically because I haven't felt like doing it. I have to many things to post on here and I just don't want to share them with the world... It's pretty hard to believe I'm unable to share things after some of the stuff I have posted on here. But enough of rehashing things that appear to never be able to be repaired again.

I'm looking forward the new year, building on friendships I have created in the past couple years and getting to know the friends I have better. I'm also looking forward to the opportunities that will be opening up in my career. I have a difficult decision to make in the next couple weeks on whether I would like to try my hand at supervision or if I want to work in our commercial services technical support department. I think I am going to go for the supervisor position. I need something to keep me busy and I am looking forward to the challenge. As for other things I am looking forward to, I hopefully will find that special someone that I might end up spending my life with. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed but there still is hope in my heart it will happen.

So there it is, the things I am looking forward to in 2001.
1. The Friends I have, along with my family.
2. My Career.
3. The possibility of finding that special someone.
4. Numerous other things that may happen.

I have to admit overall 2000 was a good year I finally got just about where I want to in my career and things are looking up, I made a great friend in Michelle and I was blessed with my little niece Morgan.

And as I look forward to this new year I start it off the same way I did last year, just look at my current mood... =)
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