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Guilt Show - The Get Up Kids.

I picked up this album about a month ago after hearing it playing at Bionic records when I was looking for some new music. It's not that I have never heard the Get Up Kids before in fact I have 2 previous albums of theirs, but they aren't on my favorite bands list. So I'm hearing them playing at the record store and I'm surprised at the progression they have appeared to make. I purchase the album and throw it in my player for the ride home and honestly I wasn't impressed, except for one song (track 10) Sympathy, which I really liked. I put the CD to the side and didn't really give it much more of a listen for a couple weeks. Then last week as I was updating the music on my MP3 drive for my truck I went ahead and threw on the album so I could listen to track 10 some more. I figured I would listen to the album again and give it an honest chance to catch me. This album is beautiful. From the first track, "Man of Conviction" till the album ends with "Conversation" I found myself pulled into the lyrics and melodies. I would say there are only 1 or 2 songs I skip and even those ones I tend to listen to because they aren't bad, I just feel they aren't as good, but they are a good change of pace in the album.

My personal favorites.

1 Man of Conviction
2 The One You Want
3 Never Be Alone - one of the best
4 Wouldn't Believe It
5 Holy Roman
7 How Long Is Too Long - one of the best songs
9 In Your Sea
10 Sympathy - great lyrics great sound, very catchy

So I really like 8 out of the 13 songs on the album with the other songs not being bad themselves. With 3, 7, and 10 being my favorites out of the entire album. With us being almost 1/2 through the year I would have to say this is probably the best album of 2004 with MAE being a close second. The Postal Service was released last year so it doesn't count. But this album has become a permanent fixture in my listening jukebox.

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