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So I went out to Riverside National Cemetery today with my parents, sister, bro in law, kids, and other family members to pay our respects to my grandfather (my dad's father) who passed away just a little over a year ago. It was very busy there today, being that it's a national cemetery.

My mom, my grandfathers wife, and my two aunts brought lots of flowers to put on the gravesite.

My niece Morgan has been real good with the whole thing. She understands where great grandpa is and that he's gone. She remembers being there last year even. Not bad for a 4 year old.

That's Morgan, and my bro in law making a face at me.

Zackary (my nephew!) found his own entertainment while we sat around and talked for a bit, in the form of a pinwheel. We had to keep getting him cause he kept knocking the thing down. And of course if he's not knocking stuff down he's grabbing a rock and putting it in his mount. He loves to eat rocks!

Talking about eating, we went to A&W afterwards and got some food. Brought back a lot of memories of growing up because we used to go to A&W a lot when I was a kid.

My sister and Morgan.

Zacky and my bro in law Kevin.

Root beer and Root beer floats were drank.

Can't believe my little monkey boy is already a year old. This kids got such long arms and chubby little legs!

Morgan says she doesn't know how to smile!

Then on the way home right at Green River there was a small fire.

Fire crews working on the fire.

So that was basically my day. Then I went out a saw Troy tonight. It was good. Although I was not impressed by the cinematography/directing.

All the pictures from today.

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