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Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

So I went to Goldenwest College today to play racquetball outdoors in the blistering heat of mid day Spring. First time I've played outdoor RB for probably 5-6 years. I've been playing in two leagues at the LA Fitness I'm a member of and the guy that runs the league, Robert had mentioned that my serve would be great for outdoor racquetball. Of course he said this because he's running tournaments for World Outdoor Racquetball and he is trying to garner interest in getting more people to come out and play at their events. The other guy that helps Robert run the leagues is Steve and he's been looking for a partner to play doubles at the events so we teamed up and played for the first time today. Today was just practice for next weekend which is the "State Championships". We played three games and lost all three, 3-15, 4-15, 8-15. We got better as we played together. He's never played outdoors till he started last month. I learned on outdoor courts but have played primarily indoors for 10 years. The outdoor game is COMPLETELY different from indoors. When I play indoors I utilize all the walls, for everything; serves, returns, balance, my quickness around the court. But when you play outdoors you have to deal with the fact that the side walls are only 3-15 feet long (depending on the court). We started to get more comfortable as we kept playing. The main focus is keeping the ball down (since there is no ceiling) and playing for the center. Most the guys that play there play outdoor atleast once a week so they are ahead of the curve compared to Steve and I, but I think we can do decent in the league as we get more comfortable as a team and with the outdoor game.

So if anyone would like to come down and watch I'd love to see you. I will be playing on Saturday from 9-2:30. I doubt I will be there on Sunday but I might come down to check out the finals for the open singles tourny. We are playing Doubles B. If anyone wants to know where Goldenwest College is or where exactly the courts are there get a hold of me. And if you come down bring a camera I would really like to get some pictures of me playing. Plus it would be kinda neat to have some friends there. My parents would probably be stopping by but they will be in Arizona for my aunts wedding (I can't make it cause i already had plans for Saturday night, that I can't cancel, plus I can't make the trip to AZ).

Other then that I went out to Rack and Cue (pool hall right across the street from my apartment) with my friend Sean and he kicked my ass in pool. Last week I taught him a lesson so I think he like practiced all week or something. ;)

That's basically all that's been going on. I've been working on my new website . KNAD Radio has been online for a full week with very few interruptions. Over 4000 songs strong.

That's it for now. As you were.

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