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Driving Home From Work

The building I work in.

Right after getting on the street from work.

Half of the view outside my window.

Approaching La Veta to get on the freeway.

Unbalanced at the intersection waiting for the light.

The sun is in my eyes!

My radio as I wait for the light to enter the freeway.

See that building? No? Well there is a building there, and that's one that my buddy Doug freshtastic73"Fresh" used to work at.

A better picture of the building as I enter the freeway.

An atypical California freeway. See the lack of traffic? That's all going to change around the bend.

It's been raining the past couple days.

That's more like a CA freeway. TRAFFIC and lots of it! By the way the building right on the truck bed is the other one Doug worked at right before he left.

We see lots of red lights on CA freeways. Better picture of the building the one on the right.

Finally off the freeway heading North of Beach Blvd.

A picture of a local burger joint.

My trucks display.

Yay! I'm home! This is the lone street in my complex, it's 10 units deep.

There it is. My apartment! No comments about the Christmas lights. I still need to put them away, but they aren't on anymore.

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