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In Remembrance...

My Fathers favorite Nascar driver was Dale Earnhardt... I have probably never seen my dad respect and follow someone more closely other then the Rolling Stones. I can remember almost every race him and I have watched together and I have always enjoyed this quality father son time we spend together. Even though I didn't consider Dale one of my favorite drivers I still cheered him on because my father did. When I didn't watch a race with him and I got home from getting out my father would tell me how Dale did and we would talk for a couple mins. My dad doesn't get excited about much but Dale Earnhardt and racing is something he really enjoys. At around 4 PM today I heard devastating news that Dale died from injuries sustained in a wreck today at the Daytona 500. I'm not sure if my dad has heard the news yet. I just got home and my parents aren't here. I'm not sure where they are. It will be sad see my dads reaction if he hasn't already heard the news. Another sad part of the story is a car that he owned won the race and his son Dale Earnhardt Jr. came in third. As I drove home from Doug's my eyes started to tear up because I know how much my father liked him. That's it, I don't really have much more to talk about right now...

I love you dad...

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