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So, I had my truck. Agreed on APR, selling price, monthly payment. Salesman wen to the room and they had a printout and everything after 3 hours of haggling.

Truck was going to be 22,100 at 4.9 and 3150 down payment. Which was going to be 394.xx a month after tax and license. Then I waited another hour for seeing the finance guy. After all that waiting I sit down and he tells me they can't do 4.9 and the best they can get me is 6.59 but I can go to the credit union (as I told then I could get 4.9) and get that rate. But now this puts me in a situation that the dealer was going to let me pay my down payment in 45 days and my CU hadn't agreed to that. I told him that was unacceptable because there is no reason I should have to do the work for them and I got up and left. No one tried to stop me and that was that.

So I'm going to stick with Cars Direct and just buy it next month when I have all the cash and the check from my CU.

Oh well, atleast I wasted their time and they didn't get the sale, since they tried to play with me and screw me. It's funny they tried to get me to buy the truck at the full sticker or 23,637 with 5000 (3150 and 1850 for my car) but I told them no. I want 22,100 and the 5,000 down which they wouldn't do. So we went for 3150 instead and I was going to sell my Saturn myself. And that's that. A couple more weeks now for the truck, and I'm not going back to that dealer. I will make sure Carsdirect doesn't get the truck from them, fuck them.

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