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Life in Review...

Well I've been busy... I went out with Kristy a couple times the past week and unfortunately I decided I'm just into her when it comes to dating. Oh well, at least I believe I can get a good friendship out of this. And that can be just as good. Other then that I went to an XFL game on Friday night! It was a real blast. Saw the LA Xtreme beat the Chicago Enforcers. I never thought you would see me cheering on Tommy Maddox at the LA Coliseum... Amazing game!

As for today when I woke up I called Doug see I'm sure most of you that read this know that him and I have been the best of friends for just about 12 years. Well back in the end of December we had a falling out. It's happened in the past but I think it was worse then past times. Well after nearly 1 1/2 months of not doing more speaking then the occasional demand to get something back from one another I called him this morning. We had a long 2 hour conversation, we talked about what has been going on in our lives and also things that have brought us to the point that we now are at. I'm not sure if we will be able to repair what has been damaged, but in my heart I believe we can get our friendship back the way it once was. It will take a lot of work and building back up trust, plus it will take forgiveness on both mine and his part. After our talk I hung out with my cousin Tim all day, went and bought some clothes at Old Navy and then watched the XFL game tonight. Doug called back like he said he would and we talked for probably another good 1 1/2 hours. It was really good talking to him. I have really missed it. Now if we could just go hang out and maybe pick up some chicks I would be in heaven... =)

Well I'm off to bed, I have lots of things running through my mind and I need to (cough) do some things }:)~ before I go to sleep...

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