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So I busted my 3 month old racquet last week (Ektelon More Game), actually someone else attributed to it, I was playing and we both went for the ball at the same time, and his racquet hit mine, it got dented and a slight crack in the frame. This week while I was going for a ball I hit the wall pretty good and the crack is now bigger, so I figured it was time for a new racquet.

I went over to Big 5 (SUCKS) and they had nothing worth wasting my time on so I then went to Sports Chalet and purchased a E- Force Bedlam Stun 170, picked it up for $169.97. So now I get to test it out tomorrow. I found a site I can order demo racquets with in the future, so I can make a decision based on playing instead of guesswork. Normally you can demo 4 racquets for about $25 bucks which isn't bad especially if you are willing to plunk down $150-200 for a racquet. I play enough weekly to give each one a good enough testing to decide which one I like. So will do that next time, or I might even do it now just so my dad and I can test things we don't normally try. We've both been pretty diehard with using Ektelon's, in fact for as long as I can remember this will be the first non Ektelon that either one of us has used.

Fun Fun. :)

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