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Week in review...

Well I met Kristy, we had a great time. Last Thursday we went to Dave and Buster's and then saw Finding Forrester, that was a great movie. It was nice having that little icebreaker before Friday. On Friday we went to LA and checked out the Museums at Exposition Park. It was pouring so we only ended up checking out the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, and then we saw one of the IMAX shows. After that we went back to my house and watched a couple movies. The night ended with a big hug and a little kiss. We are going out again tomorrow.
As for work, I'm still waiting for the Supervisor position to be posted, other then that I got 120 stock options for the merger. After 4 years I can exchanged them into stock or money, I just get a stock broker to buy them at the price of $48.96 and then sell them at their current price. Free money is good =).

Superbowl sucked, but at least I had a good time. I'm looking forward to the XFL starting this weekend. Going to watch the LA vs SF game on Sunday morning on UPN. I'm also going to the LA vs. Chicago game on Feb. 10th. Woohoo, get to cheer on my Xtreme!

That's it, go home!

oh and by the way.... "What are you doing?"
HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! that commercial was hilarious!

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