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#83 Racheal Weisz - She's pretty in a normal plain sorta way.

#82 Jennifer Esposito - Was hot on Spin City. Left that to act in movies... I haven't really seen one she's been in since.

#81 Caprice Bourret - eh, another blonde. NIce to look at but that's it.

#80 Vivica A. Fox - She's ok.

#79 Christy Turlington - another one of those sticks

#78 Liv Tyler - HOT. Although she's married now, oh well. Great hair, great lips. Just plain hot.

#77 Katie Price - Bleh, fake breasts

#76 Angie Harmon - Very pretty. A natural beauty.

#75 Adriana Lima - They have too many women I have never heard of on this damn list. Nice lips though.

#74 Toni Braxton - Always been a beautiful woman

#73 Reese Witherspoon - wow they picked a terrible picture for her. Always had an innocent beauty to her.

#72 Katie Holmes - She's pretty. Even after seeing her time and time again on Dawson's Creek, she's still pretty.

#71 Holly Valance - She's ok. I guess she sings, never heard of her.

#70 Aishwarya Rai - Amazing looking Indian woman. Beautiful eyes, hair, and just completely exotic.

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