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Ask Men.Com 99 Most Desirable Women...

Here is the first in a daily?weekly?monthly? series on my views of the 99 Most Desirable Women on AskMen.Com
99 Most Desirable

#99 Keira Knightley - she's the girl from Pirates of the Carribean. She's amazing looking. In fact I couldn't keep my eyes off her everytime she was on the big screen.

#98 Kelly Ripa - yes she is cute, but just doesn't do it for me.

#97 Angie Everhart - I honestly can't believe she's still popular enough to be considered in the top 99 for 2003. She's pretty, but that's it to me.

#96 Jill Arrington - she's blonde what can I say. I just tend not to be as attracted to blondes.

#95 Sherly Crow - She has gotten more beautiful as the last couple years have passed. I'm not sure if it's plastic surgery or not, but she's hot.

#94 Gwyneth Paltrow - To skinny... She's a stick.

#93 Fernanda Tavares - I know nothing about her other then she's a model. Or course she's hispanic so maybe once I see her more I might have more to say.

#92 Garcelle Beauvais - Don't really know who she is.

#91 Sophie Marceau - The picture on the site doesn't do her justice. She's got a beautiful face.

#90 Cindy Margolis - My god she's still around? Why?

#89 Jules Asner - She's pretty, I wouldn't throw her out of bed.

#88 Sophia Loren - Still a beautiful woman even, was exotic when there wasn't such a thing.

#87 Julianne Moore - Another stick. Just doens't do it for me.

#86 Claudia Schiffer - She's still hot even after 14 years of seeing her.

#85 Lisa Dergan - Too blonde... And I'm sick of retreaded Playboy models (honestly, I am) especially the blonde ones.

#84 Daisy Fuentes - Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. One of the first hispanic women I ever just went wow over. Beautiful woman. BUT... she was in Stuff or Maxim recently, it looks to me like she got some face work done, and that just ruined it for me, she WAS beautiful now her nose is weird.

That's it for right now

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