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Fun times...

Today had my company BBQ at our Garden Grove office. Ate some food, one tickets for raffles and saw lots of people I don't normally see. My company seems to be hiring better looking women as of late (I'm not complaining).

Then I went over to dipster's and we went down to Frys. I bought Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons, we got back to his place and tenbones called Dip up and asked if we wanted to hit up a Viet. coffee shop. It's not an ordinary coffee shop, basically the servers (all young girls) wear bikini's. We hung at the first one for about 30 mins, there were about 5 servers and all of them were really cute asian girls. Then we went to another one down the street and they also had 5 servers and all of them were asian but one that was mexican (omg... she was hot). It was pretty cool, interesting place to go. Then Dip and I headed to Comp USA they had some till 12 AM sale. I got Rainbow 6 number 3 for 24 bucks and a 24 dollar rebate, so it will be free. Then we hit up Cris and Pitts and I dropped him off and went home.

That's about it. Tomorrow I have racquetball in the morning. Then I'm off to FINALLY go see Pirates of the Carribean with a friend. I've been wanting to see that for soooooo long. Can't wait.


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