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That's all I can say. I had a blast tonight and I just got home. Went out dancing with Kris, Sarah, and Doug, met up with Brian and his friend Shawn, and I have a absolutely great time. Probably one of the more enjoyable nights I have had going out, this past year. I actually danced! And for what I feel was a long time, it must have been almost 2 hours total. The most dancing I have ever done in my life and probably the best two looking women I have danced with as well. (that's for you and Sarah, Kris ;P). We stayed at Geckos till past 1:30 and then did the Dennys thing. I'm real glad I have friends like this is my life to drag me out and get me to have a great time. That's all I should say since I know who reads this... =)

Gooooooooooooooooood Night!

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