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Did you know I have a fortune on my monitor here at work that says.

"Your principles mean more to you then any money or success" ?

Of course I keep all my good fortunes from fortune cookies but only the ones that fit me best ever make it on my monitor at work.

I once quit a job because I didn't agree with what they did to people. They were morally corrupt and I didn't really know that till I started to see how the business worked. I worked for a long distance telephone slamming company in "customer service". What a crock. Have you ever seen Boiler Room? It reminded me of that. We even had a new office were were moving to. Probably because to many people knew where the company was. Anyway after 3 weeks I walked up to my supervisor and said. "I can't work for this company, I think what you guys do is wrong. I can't honestly live with myself working for a company that does this to people." And I left. That was that.

How about you? Anyone else have stories of things they've due because of intergrity?

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