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California Adventure

Well I have to say, the park isn't anything spectacular, but it's still kinda cool. I especially enjoyed Soaring, which is a big I-Max like motion ride, but you actually have your feet dangling from the seat because they lift you up like you are hang-gliding in a chair. It's amazing what they did in that. I also liked the It's a Bug Life show... Really good. The third thing I really liked at the park was the MuppetVision 3D! Now that would almost be worth the admission to the park. You are actually in a room that looks just like the old Muppet Show! It was really cool all the way down to the Old guys up in the balcony and the Penguin orchestra! I really liked it. Unfortunately I don't understand how the park is really going to thrive though, there just isn't that much really in it. We will see what happens but they are going to have to add more considering the price they are planning on charging. Off to bed, got a long day tomorrow.
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