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I think I'm going to do a website of me reviewing finding "good" music. Of course this would be music I think is good, but that's my choice :). I would also allow people to write up their own reviews or something to. I'm not really sure yet. My basic premise would be that I would do like I used to do and visit websites like and and first just do reviews of songs that bands have avaliable to listen to. I would also email the band via their contact info with my review. Then hopefully this will build into a more fluid process with the possibility of some smaller record companies sending me CD's to review. I know it's possible lots of CDs are sent out for "Promo" purposes. It's just an idea that I'm working on. Of course I would need another person or two that is also interested in music around the taste of mine to maybe help as well.

I was just thinking about this tonight while I was purchasing all of Mike Garrigan's solo albums. He was the lead singer for a band named Collapsis. His newest solo album sells on

*starts thinking of a name for his site...*

Or should I just use my domain... hrm...

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