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Random Thoughts...

Those Hilton sisters are not good looking...

Christina Ugularia is just that... She used to be cute, now she's just disgusting.

Wasn't I the one that was making a listing of all my CD's I owned? I guess I should start back on that. To bad music isn't as good as it was 5 years ago. And the bands I liked then now just put out a bunch of crap.

I still have a pretty big smile from Friday. We are supposed to go out again soon. I really despise my work schedule right now. Makes trying to date someone difficult, especailly when their schedule is the complete oppisite. Fortunately I can come in early sometimes which means we can do things if we plan in advance. Also although she lives an hour away she does come down to OC a couple times a month because of work so we can also hang out on my break.

My shift won't be this terrible forever. Eventually I might get a normal shift again. I applied for a supervisor position in our commercial technical support department. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get it. But I do have 6+ months of supervision experience now. This would be the break I need for a normal shift once again. I would get to work Mon-Fri 8-5. Plus I would be doing something that might actually challange me for a change. I'd only have 2 people reporting to me, but it would be a really good position to grow with. I just hope I'm given a fair shot...

Back to the girl for another moment. Her hair... mmm it's nice :)

Work is going alright. I finish everything as quickly as I can, I'm not on the phone as much as I used to be. All my leads gone for one reason or another last week so I had to do all the reports that go to our manager. I still hear that eventually there will be a training position which they would really like me to do... Yeah I guess, keep stringing that carrot in front of me.

Lets see what all did I do this weekend.

Friday hung out with her. Right after she left Doug called and we got some dinner I told him about her (yeah I first locked this post without him being able to see it, something about wanting to tell my best friend in person instead of on this impersonal thing). Saturday my parents, sister, bro in law, niece, nephew and I visited my grandfather's grave site as well as my uncle that is also burried at the Riverside National Cemetary. There were so many people there. I guess it's expected with Father's Day being today. Today I went and helped some friends move for a couple hours before work, and now here I am at work sitting around being kinda bored since all my work is done. I finished all my phone monitoring today. It's not due till the 21st. I will be on vacation from work 20-29. Just going to do stuff around here.

Most recent album purchase... um...
musta been pretty crappy I can't remember what it was.
*I've remembered* new Ozma... Once again a band has let me down on their next offering. It's an ok CD, but it's not like the last one.

Most recent DVD.
Monty Python's Holy Grail.

I currently drive around in my car listening to a MP3 mix cd with about 120 songs on it that I like to sing. Of course most of them are about relationships and stuff. Great stuff. Blessid Union of Souls are an amazing band lyrically when it comes to emotional/relationship music. To bad it looks like they broke up or something they don't have a website.

I need to check up on some other bands I've liked and see what's going on... Showoff, MxPx, Gin Blossoms (hopefully they will do a new CD since they are kinda back together), Athenaeum (gah I wish the last album was good... and they really need Mike Garrigan to sing on some songs solo, that guy could sing in Collapsis), um I know there are some other bands I need to check on but I can't remember who.

I'm looking for a CD database software right now that will catagorize my CD's and pull info from CDDB and also make HTML pages or PHP pages or whatever of them all so I can like put it on the internet dunno if such a thing is produced but I'm pretty sure it is. Would make my job of listing my CD's on here a lot easier.

Ok that's it. I'm going to try and write more often. But I'm probably just lying. I mean I've said that so many times before. Of course I have something I can write about sometimes now. Maybe I acutally will get a life soon.

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