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Who will win the Superbowl?

Ok so it looks like this years Superbowl is going to suck majorly. Since both teams (Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants) have sucky offense and good defense it will probably end up being a low scoring game. I personally don't think Trent Dilfer deserves to ever been on a Superbowl team but here he is. So does anyone want to place any predictions for the game? I personally have no clue. I am looking forward to the commercials though. Last years sucked royally I expect a much better turn out, especially since the Dot.coms have no money to spend on commercials that are this expensive now...

Work is so dead, I have been sitting here and waiting for the phone to ring for 2 hours... Only real work I have been able to do is talk to my coworkers on the phone... Oh well!

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